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aka. lamarina

[designer, engineer, creative, design activist]

When people ask me what I do, I struggle to answer the question, I know what I do, but it does not fit into professions described by a single job title.

I sometimes say I am a design engineer, some other times, an experiential designer, and some other times I work in architecture and art.

The truth is, I am a creative, interested in making people experience fully and immersively, everything I do. Set that to be a performance, a space, a soundscape, or even a commercial piece of work.

I am heavily influenced by science and mathematics, as well as the complete chaos of the universe. 

I work with technology as a tool, in order to reach further, but my main passion when working in that field is to make it as "hidden" and seamless as possible, just like a natural phenomenon, immersed in its presence without the source being exposed.




Fountain of Hygiene

The Design Museum, London, UK

Fountain of Hygiene

Haw Par Museum, Hong Kong

Pixel Digital Art Days

Sousami, Limassol, Cyprus

Fountain of Hygiene

Bompas & Parr Online Exhibition, Worldwide 

Solo Exhibition

ArtFix Gallery, London, UK 


EXIT exhibition

Ugly Duck Gallery, London, UK (postponed)​


Fifteen Exhibition

The Bartlett School of Architecture, London, UK  

Future of Retail

Samsung Experience Store, London, UK

Exhibition, Fountain of Hygiene

Research  Article

Fountain of Hygiene


Enclothed Cymatics

Design Review

TEDxQMUL Team introduction

Posters addressing Covid-19


Tel: +44(0)7533121551  //  +35799956888

aka. lamarina

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