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Recent Projects.


A spatial instrument that experiments with the relationship of the physical as well as the emotional properties of the multi-sensory effects of the water movements generated by sound waves, to create a wearable environment that uses only 1.5L of water.

ODEON iSense AD Film

A projection mapping project that augments the visual impact of an advertisement film.


Aiming to change how the world views and acts to the catastrophic effects of the fashion industry on the environment.


An interactive instrument exploring the correlation between light and sound.


Tryptic was a foldable triangular structure that was actuated using dynamixel motors to accurately map the displacement of light captured by a camera.


Backstage is a performance that changes the arrangement of a conventional performance space.
The aim is to reverse the space so that the audience watches the conductor or choreographer “control” the performer using digital ques.



A short film exploring the correlation between nature and manmade structures.


powers of 10

Powers of 10 is an ambisonic sound installation that uses the spatiality of sound to immerse the viewer in an audible journey through the scales of the universe.

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