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Cityscape Flux

Commissioned by: CYTA

A project by: [lamarina] Marina Ierides

3D Scans by:

"Cityscape Flux," is an installation, invitating you to explore the intersection of data, design, and human interaction.

This work showcases cutting-edge technologies, pushing the boundaries of data acquisition through 3D scans and redefining how we engage with urban narratives. "Cityscape Flux" is acting as a testament to the evolving landscape of smart cities.

Dynamic projections cross the fabric as you go through the semi-transparent layers; they reveal 3D laser scans of the city's most recognizable architectural monuments. Every step you take changes the surroundings since the interactive installation reacts to your presence. Step in front of the camera to see the cityscape change in real time.

Can you match the floating 3D scans to one another by moving around in the space?

About lamarina

As a creative professional, lamarina defies easy categorization. With a background in both design and engineering, lamarina brings a multidisciplinary approach to her work as a designer, focusing on creating immersive experiences that fully engage the senses.

In her practice, lamarina draws on influences from science, mathematics, and the unpredictable beauty of the universe itself. She views technology as a tool to enhance her designs, but strives to make it as seamless and natural as possible, like a hidden force in the environment.

Marina has a Master of Architecture from the Bartlett School of Architecture at UCL, where she specialized in Design for Performance and Interaction. She also holds a Bachelors of Engineering in Design, Innovation and Creative Engineering from Queen Mary University of London.

With a passion for pushing the boundaries of what's possible in design, Marina has worked on a range of projects in fields as diverse as experiential design, architecture, and art. She is constantly seeking new ways to create captivating experiences that transport audiences to new worlds, both real and imagined.

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