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hip surgery



DePuy Synthes, Johnson & Johnson

“Design an anatomically accurate modular model of the upper leg and hip that allowed accurate simulation of all popular approaches to total hip replacement surgery (posterior, anterior and lateral approaches). This simulator should allow user-friendly and accurate assembly of all parts, mimic all actions of surgery and allow for easy transportation.”


C.A.L.M is an upper right male leg model that allows hip surgery to be recreated unlimited times. The main aims of the design were:

- Easy Assembly

- Mimic all actions and motions of surgery

- Fast & clean disassembly

- Lightweight

- Compact and Modular design


This project was created for DePuy Synthes part of Johnson & Johnson Companies and now it is being used by the company in their international conferences as well as their in-house training.

The design is modular and every part can be re-cast in case needed and replaced. None of the attachments are permanent, allowing to do so. 

The module can be reused as many times as needed and the time required for set up between uses is approximately 10 minutes.

After the project ended, I worked with the company to develop an even more efficient design that I cannot enclose due to potential patent rights.

Complete Anatomical Leg Module

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