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Extended Presence

Speculative Architecture Competition

ARRIVAL x Dezeen:
The Future of Mobility



Extended Presence, 2022

Drawings from our "future
mobility" competition entry by

We suggested that future mobility should be
concerned less about speed, specs or comfort,
and even ecology.

We argued that designers of
mobility must begin to acknowledge how
transportation mediums reveal - and have an
impact on - the collective psychology within
We designed a lazy rooftop transportation
system for Nicosia that doesn't tackle luxuries,
and extreme safety nor cares about zero-to-sixty
but about simple needs of the soul - such as the
urge to smoke while pondering and the ability to
fly over traffic gridlocks.
The project suggests that new types of
transportation layers could emerge that work the
synergy between mobility and the city's life and

Team: @lamarina___

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